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We design and develop exceptional digital products from Online Stores and Market Places, to Mobile apps, thereby enabling growth and incremental market share for globally leading brands


Web Development​

‘The first impression is the last impression.’

An ancient phrase that has retained its relevance in the business environment. nerds and geeks private limited utilises technology tools to ensure your business delivers a compelling message every time.

We synergize technical expertise with creative flair, to procure a distinctive website exclusive to you. Our experienced team work to understand your digital requirements, and empower your business by designing a web presence that best reflects your company message.

Our clients receive a resilient digital asset that translates potential customers into a loyal customer base.

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Mobile App Development

Not having a mobile site, or app is like not opening for business on a Thursday

Nerds and geeks developers are skilled in using JavaScript, and other market leading technologies to create highly interactive user interfaces. Innovative features, combined with cross platform compatibility; our clients’ apps maximise the user experience.

Data is integral to the process- we combine user-generated research with analytics to enhance app performance. From design, to deploy, each stage of the process receives extensive quality checks to ensure the app is distinguishable from the rest.

Nerds and geeks prides itself in providing innovative solutions at an affordable price.

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Digital Activation

“It’s easier to double your Business by doubling your conversion rate, than by doubling your traffic.”

Nerds and geeks focuses on conversion, than merely redirecting traffic.

We target online visibility via enhancing the business rankings within the search engine. We utilise Google Adwords,  to boost engagement through integrating  highly searched key terms into our ad campaigns. Vast research is conducted in-house to analyse traffic and customise the experience to best suit the visitors.

Unlike competitors, we use a culmination of these processes to enable higher conversion of traffic to customers.

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